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I specialize in coaching and training experienced airline pilots, student pilots, and aspiring pilots to acquire their place in the cockpit. I have more than 10 years of experience in coaching and training aviators and have an overall success rate of 90%.

Welcome to Capt. Namrata’s Aviation Hub, where Dreams Take Flight, we are more than just an academy – we are a launchpad for your aviation aspirations. Whether you’re an aspiring pilot looking to take your first flight or a seasoned aviator aiming to enhance your skills, our academy is your destination for comprehensive training, expert guidance, and a community that shares your passion for the skies.

How it all started

Welcome aboard! My aviation journey took a flight back in 2006, and since then, it has been an exhilarating adventure.
Becoming an AIR NAVIGATION Instructor in 2013 filled my heart with pride and passion for sharing my love of flying with
others. Over the past 17 years, I’ve soared through the highs and weathered the lows in the Aviation industry, gaining valuable experiences that have shaped me into the guide I am today. The market’s volatility has been a teacher of life, and now, I’m on a mission to inspire and guide thousands of students and parents toward a fulfilling career as a Commercial Pilot.

How It is Going…

With each student, I embark on a journey of transformation, training more than 200 aviators who are now gracefully gliding through the skies with different flying schools. Some have soared high, working with prestigious airlines, while others are in the process of earning their well-deserved pilot licenses. Beyond teaching, I’m also a trusted ally for aspiring Airline pilots, guiding them towards achieving their coveted Airline Transport Pilots license.

Our Success Stories


Hi I am vihang kattimani, a student of Namrata mam. Mam teaches navigation in such a beautiful way that even the most complicated concepts can be understood easily. She has a friendly approach towards her students and is one of the best instructors for a subject. Her hard work and comprehensive knowledge of the subject have helped us with over a thousand questions for practice, which has made us thorough with all the topics. I greatly recommend Mam to anyone looking forward to learning navigation. Thank you


Hello! My name is Ajit. I cleared my navigation exam in 2019. The day I had my first lecture with Namrata ma’am I knew I was at the right place. She is undoubtedly the most knowledgeable and friendliest navigation instructor out there. Without the right guidance especially in topics like radio navigation and instrumentation, clearing navigation in the first attempt seemed impossible for me. I remember the times when it was literally 3:00 am in the night and she would still clear my doubts with no hesitation. Her experience is all I could ever want!!

Lokesh Bathini

Hello all
I am Lokesh Bathini. I had taken Navigation classes with Namrata mam and scored 80 in them. She has a lot of patience to explain the concepts again and again in a manner where every individual can understand them in simple terms. For example, the traditional method for finding distance and time or speed and time-related questions really helped me a lot in my life I get confused about time from my childhood but not now. She will be one of the best instructors you ever meet in the Aviation Industry. Wishing you all the best mam for your future endeavors.
Thank you.


I would like to thank Namrata Ma’am for guiding me on the right path and teaching me the best techniques to tackle any question and clear my DGCA exams, it would have been very difficult without her. Because of her help and support, I have reached the place where I am today. No matter how many times I asked her any silly doubt she explained it to me in the easiest way and made sure that I understood the concept behind it.


I recently moved back to India to complete my license conversion process. After coming back I realized that I had to give some of the most difficult exams in Aviation. One of those was Navigation. And after going through the book myself I was getting scared with all the jargon and all the complicated sums. To help with this I joined Namrata Maam’s Navigation classes. And I can honestly vouch that it was the perfect decision. She made the subject so easy with all her notes and exam prep that the subject wasn’t difficult anymore. Her way of teaching was really helpful and easy to understand. So if you’re having any issues related to navigation, then Namarata Maam can definitely help you and make all your worries go away.

Jenifa Furtado


Having CAPTAIN NAMRATA as my navigation instructor was an absolute joy. Her humor and warmth made learning enjoyable, and their wealth of experiences enriched our lessons.It may be day or it may be night but she is always a message away to solve our doubts.As she always say no doubts are silly which made us ask our doubts freely. Her dedication to students is truly admirable, and I am grateful for all the extra time and effort she put in to help us to succeed.


Namrata ma’am – One of the best Navigation Instructors is what I define her as. I owe my Navigation success to her. Namrata Maam’s dedication to her student’s success is evident in every aspect of her instruction. She goes above and beyond to ensure that everyone in the class grasps the concepts thoroughly and can apply them in real-world scenarios. During the course, Namrata Ma’am also provided us with plenty of Question Banks and a good amount of practice papers as well – which helped us vastly to perform well in our DGCA exam, and also helped me to clear Nav in my first attempt with one of the highest marks !!! In conclusion, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from Namrata Ma’am.
I highly recommend Namrata Ma’am as a navigation instructor to anyone seeking to enhance their Navigational knowledge and aiming to clear the paper with good marks and not just for the sake of clearing it :)))


You have always been the best Guru & I’m glad I met you. Your teachings have always been the best. You have been so supportive in my journey & even now you have always stood by my side.
To have a person like you who’s so pure from the inside out is a blessing indeed?
Thank you so so much ma’am for everything


Hello everyone this nawaz shariff from Bangalore after completing my 12th i was so confused about my carrier and profession because i was not able to identify what i wanna do so I started to have enquiry regarding aviation industry because i was only knowing about aeronautical engineering then after all knowledge I decided to choose my career and profession to be a pilot then gained some knowledge about it felt very interesting and then wanted to start as soon as possible so I decided to move to different city because I wanted to concentrate and do my best so finally I took my ground classes from bombay my Navigation instructor was captain Namrata from fly by aviation and I remember my first day which was July 1st 2021 to be very honest i wasn’t aware of anything because i never took so much of interest regarding to studies so i had to face alot of difficulties in my ground classes the only one thing which helped me out totally was dedication and hard work and support which i had got from the best instructor captain Namrata and then it was the time where our class test was conducted and i was the student who always scored lowest marks among all then My instructor had a talk with me personally she identified where i was lagging and what is my problem which made me score very lowest numbers then she suggested me to follow her pattern which helped me a-lot and then i started showing interest which I haven’t showed in my college after all sacrifices i was the student who improved my numbers among all i just wanted to tell that in our whole life there will be someone who can make you come as a best version and for me that was captain Namrata she used to always be there for me when i had doubts took some of extra classes too and made me a best student where i had understood what is complete navigation and there was some moments at class where i used to answer before all students because my instructor thought me in a very logical way which was the best thing of my life and coming to the topics my favourite was PNR ,PET & FLIGHT PLANNING & RADIAL INTERCEPTION There are no words to describe my instructor’s nature because she is an angel of navigation and I conclude by saying that she is the best person with a beautiful nature.

“A good education can change anyone.
A good teacher can change everything!


I am eternally grateful to Namrata Ma’am and her meticulously created crash course for Air Navigation. She not only helped with the materials but also guided me on how to write the exam, tips, and tricks that otherwise were unknown to me.


Well if I may say She is THE best Navigation teacher in the whole world. So dedicated to her work- I could without hesitation call her at all times of the hour and she would clear my doubt. Well not once but would make me understand the same concept even 7 times if need be. She has put in her sweat and blood to gather material and provide the best practice possible with more than 3000 questions. Her method of teaching is very simple and understandable. If I had given my 100% in the process of clearing my navigation exam in the first attempt, she would have given her 100% to help me clear my exam. Well more than just clearing the exam today I can confidently say that my foundation in pursuing aviation is strong, my concepts are clear and her teachings will stay with me for a long time.


Capt. Namrata has helped me throughout air navigation and just because of her easy concept for radio navigation and instrumentation was expedient to clear DGCA in my first attempt, also whenever I needed a recall for a few chapters she was there to clear all my doubts, I’d strongly suggest Capt. Namrata Madavwhoever needs help with Air navigation. Thank you Namrata ma’am for helping me in every step



Capt. Namrata is an incredible Aviation Instructor. her friendly and supportive approach made learning an enjoyable experience. She has a deep knowledge of navigation principles and effortlessly simplifies complex topics. Thanks to her I gained confidence and valuable skills for my aviation journey. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking top-notch guidance in the field. Thank you, ma’am.


Navigation was the subject that I was scared of when I was about to begin my training but, Captain Namrata made it look like a cake walk she’s the best instructor one could have. Personally, my favorite was Radio Navigation. For some topics that were difficult for me, she gave her 110% so that I could understand that topic and that truly helped. Talking about her nature she’s very calm, understanding, and supportive. Without her help, it wouldn’t have been possible for me to pass my Navigation Exam.


The navigation subject looks really intimidating at the start but after attending Namrata Ma’am’s class it’s a piece of cake. She helps make the subject simpler than it could ever be, and her teaching skills are amazing. The concept no matter how complex will break it down and make it really easy to understand. She’s not just a teacher but she’ll be your friend and help you no matter what just so you can achieve your goals. I couldn’t have passed the Navigation exam if it wasn’t for her efforts and her tricks of remembering things easily that won’t just help you for the exam but in the cockpit too.

Aspiring Pilot

What Does It Take To Become A Commercial Pilot?

Expert Instructors: My decades of Aviation experience, ensure that you receive top-tier guidance throughout your journey.

Navigation Excellence: My niche lies in Air Navigation training with more than a decade of experience, I specialize in helping students master navigation skills, equipping them for safe and confident flight operations.

First-Time Success: My track record speaks volumes. A significant number of our students clear DGCA exams on their very first attempt is a testament to our effective teaching methods.

Personalized Approach: I understand that every learner is unique. Our personalized training approach ensures that you receive instruction tailored to your learning style, enabling swift progress.

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