Hello everyone this nawaz shariff from Bangalore after completing my 12th i was so confused about my carrier and profession because i was not able to identify what i wanna do so I started to have enquiry regarding aviation industry because i was only knowing about aeronautical engineering then after all knowledge I decided to choose my career and profession to be a pilot then gained some knowledge about it felt very interesting and then wanted to start as soon as possible so I decided to move to different city because I wanted to concentrate and do my best so finally I took my ground classes from bombay my Navigation instructor was captain Namrata from fly by aviation and I remember my first day which was July 1st 2021 to be very honest i wasn’t aware of anything because i never took so much of interest regarding to studies so i had to face alot of difficulties in my ground classes the only one thing which helped me out totally was dedication and hard work and support which i had got from the best instructor captain Namrata and then it was the time where our class test was conducted and i was the student who always scored lowest marks among all then My instructor had a talk with me personally she identified where i was lagging and what is my problem which made me score very lowest numbers then she suggested me to follow her pattern which helped me a-lot and then i started showing interest which I haven’t showed in my college after all sacrifices i was the student who improved my numbers among all i just wanted to tell that in our whole life there will be someone who can make you come as a best version and for me that was captain Namrata she used to always be there for me when i had doubts took some of extra classes too and made me a best student where i had understood what is complete navigation and there was some moments at class where i used to answer before all students because my instructor thought me in a very logical way which was the best thing of my life and coming to the topics my favourite was PNR ,PET & FLIGHT PLANNING & RADIAL INTERCEPTION There are no words to describe my instructor’s nature because she is an angel of navigation and I conclude by saying that she is the best person with a beautiful nature.

“A good education can change anyone.
A good teacher can change everything!